Welcome to Common Ground Choir Academy, an award-winning music school in Issaquah, famous for its upbeat, contemporary, and fun gospel choir. We rehearse every Monday at 7.15-8.30 pm. at the Historic Shell Station on Front Street, Issaquah. You can join any time.

To get started, watch the video below, then use the menu above to learn more about our choirs. If you are ready to enroll, click here.

21 Reasons To Join Common Ground Choir Academy Today

If you’re having difficulty deciding whether to join our choir or not, I have listed some of the top reasons why singing is good for you below...

I sincerely hope to see you at a choir rehearsal in Issaquah very soon!


…helps those suffering from a range of chronic illnesses, including Parkinson’s, depression and lung disease
…releases a surge of endorphins which alleviates pain and gives a rush or a “high”
…you are bathed in dopamine which gives pleasure and alertness
…your level of cortisol is lowered, resulting in decreasing stress
…Serotonin is released which gives feelings of euphoria and contentment
…generates prolactin, which has a tranquilizing and consoling affect
…increase the level of  s-IgA, an immunoglobulin that enhances the immune defense
…releases oxytocin, a chemical that manages anxiety and stress and enhances feelings of trust and bonding
…helps the heartbeat, pulse rate, blood pressure, and lungs
…improves sleep quality in students
…reduces depression and anxiety
…enhances your mental awareness, concentration and memory
…improves multi-tasking, memory, focus and math skills
…enhances your sense of community, connection and creativity
…is a fantastic way to let off steam in an acceptable way. Sing at the top of your lungs and let all your worries and frustrations go
…breaks down barriers, allowing you to make new friends
…increases your emotional intelligence, self confidence and clarity of purpose
…choir music is a vibrant opportunity to show your gratitude for life by blessing others
…is more than a hobby, it’s a calling
…inspires, moves and lifts up your mind and spirit. It’s the closest thing to heaven you can experience on earth
…above all singing is FUN!

Rehearsals begin February 1st 2016, every Monday at 7.15-8.30 pm. at the Historic Shell Station on Front Street, Issaquah. If you are ready to enroll, click here.

Dan Hegelund

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